switched pc off for a week now painfully slow etc

  SANAP 09:40 09 Aug 2009

I have a Dell Dimension 8300 and it has served me well but I went away for a week so switched off PC , came back switched on and it is unbeleievably slow, it also says AVG anti virus/anti spyware outdated but it wont upate. Did a disk fragment, did a system restore, back 4 weeks, took all day to download some auomatic updates. I am stumped. The fan is very loud and has been for quite a while. I changed the MB battery a few weeks ago. Stumped and I have a lot of my work on this PC.



  STREETWORK 09:51 09 Aug 2009

Try these things.

Open the case and clean out any dust from around the fans, cpu, graphics fan.

Unplug each board from its socket and replug them (this will ensure a good contact is reaffirmed)

Uninstall and reinstall AGV, then update it. (you may want to try this first)

  SANAP 10:49 09 Aug 2009

thank you, I'll do as you suggest may take a while, hungover, and report back.


  SANAP 19:14 28 Aug 2009

A report back, did as you suggested, lots of dut, re-installed avg and bingo back to normal.


  iscanut 19:16 28 Aug 2009

If you were hungover, perhaps it was you that was painfully slow !!!!! :-)

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