switchable hdd's

  mac75 12:59 10 Apr 2005

is it possible to install a switch so that you can isolate one hdd.at startup, so i can have an os. one each drive .


  g0nvs 13:04 10 Apr 2005

Install a HDD caddy,(mine cost a fiver each) then use one for each HDD.

  lixdexik 13:09 10 Apr 2005

Partition magic comes with a dual boot programme so you can install several Os's onto different partitions or HDDs on the one machine. when the computer boots you choose from the list which OS you want to use. Dead easy.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  mac75 13:13 10 Apr 2005


thanks for that info, i never thought of that. but i need to keep the hdd's in the m/c for safety because they might get damaged otherwise.

thanks all the same. jim.

  mac75 13:19 10 Apr 2005


thanks, but i don't want to partition the drive. i've dual booted before and i don't like it.i just wondered if anyone had tried booting using a selector switch. thanks for the suggestion anyway.


  Jak_1 14:09 10 Apr 2005

I've not heard of a switch that will do that but I stand to be corrected. Dual boot is by far the best method.

  DieSse 14:14 10 Apr 2005

I keep mine in caddies - with fans, so they run cooler than normal as well. I have WinXP on one, and Linspire on the other. Plus a third to hold backups.

I actually think it's safer to keep them separate this way, particularly the backup drive.

  mac75 21:02 10 Apr 2005

thanks everyone for your contributions i think i will probably end up using caddies. so i will tick the resolved box. thanks again.


  TomJerry 21:07 10 Apr 2005

Once you tried, you will ask the following question.

"Why didn't I do it before?"

You do not need to partition, what the boot magic (come with partition magic) is let you select which OS to boot. When you boot into one OS, another one is hidden.

  mac75 19:20 11 Apr 2005


thanks,i maybe will give partition magic a try, which version has boot magic.


  TomJerry 23:31 11 Apr 2005


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