Switch Users and Log Off (WinXP Home)

  QuickHare 21:04 08 Jun 2004

I usually reply to posts, so here's a problem I'm having:

I have WinXP Home SP1 and multiple users (each with an account). As Administrator, can I change any settings to stop users shutting down the computer while someone else is logged on?

Example scenario:

John logs on, uses computer. Knowing he'll be called away, he Switches User to allow Alan to log on and use the computer in John's absence. Alan then shuts the computer down (despite warnings) and poor John loses his work (or stops some downloads. Either way, he's annoyed).

Is there any way to stop Alan switching off the computer (through Windows, not power button ;-) ) so John's work survives?

  Fruit Bat 21:54 08 Jun 2004

Control panel /power options

When i press the power off button

select do nothing

  Fruit Bat 21:56 08 Jun 2004

sorry should read

Control panel /power options /advanced

  QuickHare 21:32 09 Jun 2004

That's if I used the power button. I said "through Windows, not power button ;-)". In case I wasn't clear enough, I meant that the user cannot shut the computer down using "Turn Off Computer" from the Start Menu if another user is logged on.

Of course, I can fiddle the options to stop the power button being used, but that's not the issue.

  QuickHare 21:33 09 Jun 2004

Just thought that sounded a bit rude and horrible. Sorry if it sounds that way, no rudeness intended.

  mammak 22:09 09 Jun 2004

QuickHare not sure if there is away to stop Alan powering down the comp' but what he should do is surley only log of his own account' there by saving John's work giving John the option to log back on to his own account,
if this is not what you needed then ignore my dribble lol. Regard's Mammak.

  mammak 22:13 09 Jun 2004

QuickHare one more thought John in affect should
log of his account (there by saving his setting's) before Alan log's on.

  QuickHare 14:26 10 Jun 2004

Normally, John would logoff. However, on some occassions, John has to stay logged in to run programs in the background and Switch User. I wish to stop Alan then shutting down the computer without losing John's work.

At the moment, Windows XP Home gives a warning that other users are logged on, and shutting down the computer may lose their work, but it is still possible to carry on the shutdown. This is what I wish to prevent.

The names Alan and John are completely fictitious to hide any true identities.

  QuickHare 18:40 13 Jun 2004


  QuickHare 12:37 15 Jun 2004

^Bump the post to the top of the list

  Jackcoms 12:48 15 Jun 2004

Wouldn't it be easier to tell Alan, in no uncertain terms, that when he sees the "There are other people still logged on" warning it would be a common courtesey to take heed of that warning and NOT continue to turn off??!!

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