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Switch, UPS Problem?

  recap 16:53 13 Apr 2005

I am have problems with our network. The server is restarting its self. Now I do not think it is the server.

There is a clicking noise either coming from the Switch panel or the UPS.

This could happen 4 or 5 times an hour or, once every hour to two hours. There is no pattern to the tripping.

I have ran a full diagnostic on the server, and it passed on all devices.

The UPS seems to be working ok, as does the Switch panel as all lights are on as they should be.

Could the switch panel be faulty or, the UPS?

  recap 08:46 14 Apr 2005

I unplugged the server from the UPS for a couple of hours to see what would happen. Found that when the tripping happened the server was still up and running.

So by doing that I have come to the assumption that it must be the Switch Panel that's at fault.

  amonra 14:49 14 Apr 2005

What's the state of the back-up battery ?
Try unplugging the mains to see if the UPS takes over seamlessly. (after-hours of course). Could be the charge/discharge sensor is a bit critical. The clicking of a relay could be throwing spikes onto the system and causing errors.

  recap 08:29 15 Apr 2005

Well my assumption was incorrect.

amonra & ventanas, your assumptions were correct, it is the UPS that's at fault.

ventanas, it is an APC, and is 3 years old.

Now the question is do I just replace the battery pack or buy a completely new UPS?

  recap 14:18 15 Apr 2005

if they were more than say 60% of the full cost I would replace the whole thing" This I totally agree with ventanas.

Ours is the 700 Smart-UPS model. I have done a quick search (Internet) and they are between £250 & £300. I think in the long run a replacement would be more cost effective.

Thanks for your replies.

  recap 15:29 15 Apr 2005

Thanks ventanas, just found that out the hard way, lol. Will be colour coding when I replace this model.

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