Switch off PC wifi card without switch off PC....

  [email protected] 20:01 29 Aug 2005

I have a PCI WIFI adapter card fitted to my PC and I have discovered the transmission is causing some interference with my wireless telephone. Is there a way to de-activate the wifi card temporarily from the PC keyboard in order to use the telephone, without powering down the PC?
Apologies if this is obvious to the learned, but I am new to this wifi thing ;-)

  Forum Editor 20:46 29 Aug 2005

it's a rare problem.

You can disable the card - go to Control panel and click on the system icon. Then click on the Hardware tab and on the Device manager button. Look for your PCI card - it will be under network adapters - and double click on it. Now look at the 'Device useage' box at the bottom, and select 'Do not use this device - disable' option. Reverse the procedure to enable the card.

This all seems like a lot of effort to resolve the problem - have you tried selecting a different channel on your wireless phone's base station?

  mgmcc 20:48 29 Aug 2005

Try opening the Network Connections folder (if using Windows XP), right clicking the entry for the Wireless Adapter and selecting "Disable".

Double clicking the entry will re-enable it and get an IP address again.

Alternatively, in its software there may be an option to "Switch Radio On/Off".

  [email protected] 21:10 29 Aug 2005

Surprise, surprise. With the card disabled the noise is still there - but not when the PC is switched off! I think the interference is probably not between wifi freqs [2.4g on the PC and 1.9g on the phone] but the placement of all the mains adapters for all the various bits of kit under the bench! Looks like the latest [for the phone] is inducing radiation into the wiring [spaghetti..]. Now I am on broadband the PC is left on for longer periods so I will take the habit to switch it off unless actually using it.

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