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  s99Raj 08:47 31 Aug 2003

I have XP Professional and up till yesterday (after I installed and uninstalled a trial version of StyleXP) when I went to Start/Shut Down I got three options (Standby, Shut Down and Restart).

Now I get a totally different looking box with a pull down menu with 5 options (Log Off, Shut Down, Restart, Stanby, Hibernate) and I don't want this; I'd like it to go back to as it was before.

Also, when I used to switch the computer on, the computer went to the desktop. Now it stops at a dialog box with my name in the user box and asking me to enter a password. I don't use a password to log on and so just pressed Enter to go take me to the desktop.

How do I get things back to the way they were?

Thank you.

  howard60 09:19 31 Aug 2003

try system restore to go back to before you put on the new prog.

  -pops- 09:21 31 Aug 2003

I've only just become aware of what Style XP is (from a Google search) and the only comment I can make is: what do you expect? The whole reason for the program is to tart up the appearance of Windows XP. These things (or rather their creators) hate to be disliked and even after attempts to remove them they will often leave remnants to irritate you.

I assume you have system restore operating. If yes, restore to a time before you installed this completely unnecessary piece of software.

I have a philosophy of NEVER installing anything that isn't necessary. Even then, I always think about it for a day or so before installing. More often than not, the novelty of wanting it has died down by then.

  s99Raj 09:52 31 Aug 2003

I tried System Restore but I just got the message saying that the computer could not be restored to that particular date. I don't see the point of making a restore date if XP simply says that the computer can't be restored to it. (They were automatic restore points, not manual ones.) Today is Sunday Aug 31 and I tried restoring it to Aug 30, 29 and 28 but got the same message.

Anyway, I may be wrong, but the dialog boxes that come up don't look to me like Style XP had anything to do with them. Style XP just changes colours and shapes of buttons etc. but not entire dialog box contents. Also, the dialog boxes that do now appear are the same as those as I have seen on other machines at work which happen to be networked and have hundreds of different users. So there must surely be a way of getting back to the way I like it, for one user only, as I have on my computer.

Any further thoughts?


  howard60 09:58 31 Aug 2003

perhaps your machine has changed from xp view to classic view or vice versa. Go to start and right click the background of the pop up screen and then properties. You then get the option to change views.

  Legolas 10:07 31 Aug 2003

For the logging on problem try this. Go to start/settings/control panel/user accounts. Choose the option 'change the way users log on and off' and tick both boxes. Reboot and see if this has helped.

For the start/shutdown problem try switching off the 'hibernation' option right click on the desktop and click 'properties' click on the 'screensaver' tab and click on 'power' choose the 'hibernate' tab and untick it.

Hope this helps.

  s99Raj 10:19 31 Aug 2003

Aha ! Thanks Legolas !

I went to User Accounts and ticked the box marked "Use the Welcome Screen" and that did it!

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