Switch a monitor to another PC for dual display

  elmerfudge 13:42 03 Feb 2009

I have 2 PCs each with its own monitor. I can run dual display on one but it means pluging in/pluging out the 2nd monitor to enable me to run dual display on one PC. I have a Belkin KVM switch but that is only good for 2 PCs and 1 monitor. I have tried it to get the set up I want but it will not work. Is there some way for me to plug in to the 2 input sockets (DVI & VGA) on 1 monitor and feed it to both PCs so that I can use dual display on 1 PC without pluging in and out.
Grateful for any advice.

  DieSse 14:59 03 Feb 2009

Yes - you do should be able to do exactly that - use the VGA socket for one system, the DVI socket for the other.

If both systems are VGA only, you will need an adapter (commonly available.

From the controls on the monitor you should be able to switch between inputs. In fact I'm doing that right now on mine - 2 systems (one a clients for troubleshooting), and I switch between them on the monitor controls.

  DieSse 15:01 03 Feb 2009

Adaptors click here in case you don't already have one.

  elmerfudge 15:39 03 Feb 2009

Thanks for response.
Could you provide the details of what I should be doing via the controls on my monitor. I had both PCs connected to the monitor via a DVI and VGA and I thought I had cracked it. I could get dual display on the relevant PC then went to single display via NVIDIA Control Panel and then switched on my other PC which is set for 1 display but I still could not get that PC to display. I disconnected the VGA connection to my other PC and everything worked except of course dual display.

  DieSse 15:52 03 Feb 2009

Since I don't know what monitor you've got, I have no idea. Read the manual?

On mine (Benq FP937s) I press Exit - left or right arrow - Enter.

  elmerfudge 16:52 03 Feb 2009

What can I say! I had completely forgotten about the monitor controls and sure enough there is a button marked "Source". I wired everything back up, pressed the button and Eureka!
Many, many thanks for your assistance.

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