Switch from CRT to LCD

  Tj_El 20:21 02 Jan 2007


I don't know much about LCD monitors except that they are better in terms of display quality and eye wear than CRT.
I am therefore looking to replace my Sony Trinitron Multiscan E320 17" CRT with an LCD. Current contenders are BENQ FP92G 19" and MJ9C 19" both from Ebuyer both with DVI-D.

My question is would I have to change my graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400) in order to make use of this DVI interface?

Your expert knowledge on this subject appreciated.

Regards and Happy New Year :-)


  anskyber 20:34 02 Jan 2007

This appears to suggest that you have twin VGA connectors for analogue only. most LCD's have VGA and DVI.

I operate two screens. One is connected to a VGA and the other to a DVI. The difference in quality is very small indeed.

  anskyber 20:34 02 Jan 2007

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  jack 20:35 02 Jan 2007

Monitors would come with both type of interfaces
The graphics card of course will need DVI socket
Has it?
Either way the standard will work and to be honest My Philips has both cables installed and presents a software switch on screen to flip from one to other
and I cannot tell the difference.

  Tj_El 20:39 02 Jan 2007


"This appears to suggest that you have twin VGA connectors for analogue only".
No. I think maybe my post wasn't clear enough. Only one VGA connection on the card.

If however the difference in quality is not that noticeable then I think I'll stick with using VGA.


  Tj_El 20:48 02 Jan 2007

Thanks jack.

No my card has no DVI socket - just scrambled behind to take a look.

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