'switch' between two systems?

  The GnoMe 09:10 29 Sep 2003

i have an old computer with a 10gb hard disk that i got cheap from a car boot sale. No monitor or keyboard etc.

My question is can i share the monitor and keyboard i already have and put a switching device to switch between the two?

I hope i have made myself clear

i hope you can help

  -pops- 09:15 29 Sep 2003

It is best not to swap these devices around while the computer is powered up. It can cause motherboard fuse failure and these fuses are not normally repairable.

  The GnoMe 09:18 29 Sep 2003

thanks for the advice, but is there any way of maybe networking them together? I fun xp pro on my main system and the old one has win 95 on it.

Or can i take the hard disk out and put it in my main machine?

so many questions and im afraid i will have wasted my money on this old (ok cheap but still) system.

  DieSse 09:19 29 Sep 2003

They're called KVM switches (Keyboard - Video - Mouse).

You can get them almost anywhere, for instance - click here

  leo49 10:54 29 Sep 2003

I've just bought this Belkin KVM

Omniview 2 Port KVM Switch with Built in Cables
Belkin F1DK102P

click here

to link my current and new build PC.

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