Switch on - almost instant switch off

  chub_tor 10:09 01 Dec 2007

MY PC has started the recent habit of switching itself off almost immediately after I push the front panel on switch. Today for example it took about 6 presses before it finally purred into life. Once on it runs perfectly; the machine is 3 years old, self built with an ECS nforce3-A motherboard, AMD Sempron 2800 processor and 2 x 512Mb DDR sticks of Crucial memory, this machine runs Windows XP.

After switching on it doesn't reach post or any screens and just turns off a second or so after the button is pushed.

I am figuring power supply but I would be interested in any suggestions others in this form might have.

  chub_tor 11:51 01 Dec 2007

Thanks for the suggestion, I will give the reset switch trick a try and see what happens. It could be that the power switch is sticking on and so turning the machine off. We had builders in recently so I should probably take off the covers and see if the whole thing is covered in brick dust.....

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