Swen, Laptop, IPAQ and NAV

  SDJ 11:04 31 Oct 2003

I have a laptop which is connected to a network, an Ipaq which is connected to the laptop.

Laptop is running win98 and Ipaq is on PocketPC2002

The Ipaq is used as the email client and then it is activesync'd to outlook on the laptop. The reason for this is that apparently the sound doesnt work when mail is received and so the guy uses his Ipaq to flash up when he gets an email (daft I know and will change this)

Yesterday NAV quarantined the Swen virus and said the file was located in the activesync folder.
I downloaded the removal tool and as Symantec stated that if quarantined you would have to do the repairing of the registry in dos I did just that. Ran the removal tool after repairing the registry and did a full system scan = all clear.

Then connceted the ipaq to the laptop and it re-appeared. Did the removal process again and this time removed all of the emails from the ipaq in case it was living on there.

Reconnected ipaq and all clear.

This morning connected ipaq and again the swen virus is quarantined, its in c:\windows\temp\activesync the file is Qrytg.exe

There were no emails received on the ipaq (or so i am told) all that has happened is that the ipaq was sync'd with the laptop.

Checked other machines on the network to ensure it wasnt on the network = all clear.

sorry for going on but I thought it best to explain in full.

Is it possible for viruses to reside on handhelds our IT company says no but symanytec sell a handlheld version of NAV.

Any ideas would be most gratefully received.


  Belatucadrus 11:15 31 Oct 2003
  SDJ 11:36 31 Oct 2003

So does what I have reported make sense?
Is this what has happened?

I am worried now as I have been told that ipaqs dont get infected by viruses?

Or am I right saying they can be a host?


  Belatucadrus 12:28 31 Oct 2003

I'm not qualified to argue with IT profesionals (yet), but it seems logical to me that the virus would be resident in the PDA. If the network is clean until the ipaq is connected where else would it be ? click here doesn't list pocketPC2002 as an operating environment for Swen, so your hosting theory seems likely, with the virus code being dormant until transfered when the PDA is synchronised.
As to the theory that ipaqs don't get infected, here is a quote from the FAQ sheet on the Trend micro "The number of PDA viruses pales in comparison with the figures for PC-based
viruses, the same goes for their growth in numbers. Because of their limited power,
and the limited number of users who actually use their hand-helds for the Internet,
they have not yet attracted the same number of virus writers as the desktop. As a
result fewer virus patterns for PC-cillin for Wireless have to be produced." So while rare they exist.

Unfortunately this may mean that as swen isn't PDA specific, the anti virus doesn't do anything to it. As I'm getting way out of my depth all I can suggest is try cleaning out any temp files & debris with PocketCleaner and see if anybody more switched on regarding PDAs turns up.

  SDJ 17:24 31 Oct 2003

Sorry for the delayed response.

Thanks so much for your posts. I was thinking similar to yourself but needed clarification more than anything.

Right im off to sort this guys laptop and ipaq out, also there to install broadband on his new HP desktop. (Going armed with NAV and Firewall!!)

Cheers again

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