SwatIt Anti Trojan and Bot Scanner and Remover

  Spiny 08:09 07 Apr 2004

Have read previous posts on this program from Misog and others. Does anyone have any new experiences/views. Is the Pro version any better than the free one?


  christmascracker 08:50 07 Apr 2004

Here's another one, click here

Easy to use and frequent updates

  Spiny 22:15 07 Apr 2004

Many thanks, christmascracker. Looks good.


  Mango Grummit 22:25 07 Apr 2004

Anyone who cares to take a look around the net will find that SwatIt was originally called Lockdown 2000. Even now SwatIt is claimed to have been "developed" by Lockdown Corp.

But the really interesting stuff comes from allegations of SwatIt personel assuming false indentities and writing up favourable reviews to security companys, security sites and mags. This goes as far back as 1999 see "Pseudo Psecurity Pseller" at click here

There is loads more adverse material out there about this company.

Ignoring any moral and ettitquette issues, the product itself when tested by some outfits who have not been influenced by SwatIt's own marketing practices (fake reviews false tests) does not fare very well anyway.

Surprising is is not that SwatIt is still around at all. But then again most people, including me, tend to have some belief in anything that portrays itself as a good thing for us, especially in the virus and trojan area.

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