Swapping USB to ethernet

  Lana90 19:00 28 Apr 2006

I recently got wireless internet connection. I have my USB plugged into my modem. However, for the wireless internet to work i need to plug my my ethernet wire in. can anyone please tell me how to swap the usb to the ethernet?

Thank you, Lana

  namtas 19:42 28 Apr 2006

If you are meaning that you want to make use of ethernet in your modem rather than USB? then simply power down, remove the usb cable on the modem, connect the ethernet and restart everything.

  Lana90 19:53 28 Apr 2006

Thank you. but I just tried that and the internet didnt connect

  namtas 20:01 28 Apr 2006

And I assume that the cable is connected to the ethernet port on your computer?

  Lana90 20:14 28 Apr 2006

No!! i have my usb in. but i did connect the ethernet right

  namtas 21:51 28 Apr 2006

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