Swapping the Processor - Easy or Hard?

  User-BDCEDE6F-B9BE-4B7A-91A901FEC5710802 00:11 31 May 2004

Trying to speed up my PC so thinking of changing the 1.7Ghz Celeron processor to a 2.4Ghz P4 (the highest spec the MOBO will take).

The question is how easy is this for a relative novice like myself. Is it simply a case of taking out the old and inserting the new or is it a bit more involved than this?


  woodchip 00:16 31 May 2004

No you will have to check the Motherboard Manual to see if any Jumpers need changing if there are any to change. To recognise the CPU

  LastChip 00:17 31 May 2004

but not much.

click here for a tutorial on building a PC. The third page deals with what you need to know to change the CPU.

  billyliv 00:23 31 May 2004

Hi, I wouldn't bother. You will not see the slightest difference. Clear out all your junk, upgrade your memory then you will see an improvement. Cheers, Bill.

  billyliv 00:28 31 May 2004

Hi, Just a slight addition to my last posting. P4 Proccessors require a special cradle to which the heatsink ia attatched. Your present motherboard may not have the the P4 option. Cheers, Bill

  hugh-265156 00:31 31 May 2004

i would say you will see a big difference changing from a 1.7 celly to a 2.4 p4 in games and other more intensive tasks.everyday office tasks etc you wont notice much though.

most fairly modern P4 motherboards its just a case of out with the old and in with the new and your off.no jumpers involved.it should be as simple as that.

make sure you get a heatsink and fan suitable for your new processor,preferably purchase it along with the cpu.

use the thermal pad supplied or apply paste carefully as per instructions.

check out the video 'installing a P4 and heatsink' click here may help a bit

billyliv - Thanks, yes the motherboard has the cradle to attach the heatsink.

huggyg71 - I guess this was what I was worried about, seems a bit involved for a beginner like me!!

  hugh-265156 00:51 31 May 2004

if you can change a lightbulb you can upgrade a P4 :-)

have a look at the installing P4 video on the above link and see what you think.the others are worth watching too.

if you get a heatsink and fan with the cpu it should caome with a thermal pad or interface material pre applied on the heatsink.all you need to make sure is that the heatsink sits flat on the cpu.follow the instructions and you will be fine.

if thermal pase is supplied the have a read click here may also help you.

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