Swapping Old for new laptop - suggestions please

  john bunyan 10:57 23 Mar 2018

I am about to receive a new small but speedy laptop with a 500gb SDD; I like to keep data and programmes on separate partitions – quicker to mage images of system and mirror copies of data. I want to give an older laptop to a relative. I would be grateful for input to my plans!

Old: Unregister Life subscription to MBAM; Unregister and delete Photoshop CS5 (it is allowed on 2 PC’s ). Back up all data to external HDD . After checking all data is ok, delete all user accounts except for the main, admin, one but re- name it “User”. Look through all installed programmes and uninstall ones special to me but leave “Free” MBAM, basic I Tunes, updated W10 etc. Format or delete folders in D Drive (data). When happy use CCleaner to wipe unused space. NB never used the PC for banking etc, and it will go to a family member.

New. I want to share this with my wife; we would share data folders except music so each could have our own iTunes account, library,i cloud etc to back up I phones. Create admin user account for me. This PC has a fingerprint reader and Windows Hello, but I want to avoid using this so each can log in in the normal way. Will try disabling it in misconfig?. Update Windows; install Office Outlook, MBAM premium, CS5, CCleaner etc, remove crapware. Make an image. Partition into 200gig for system, 300 for data. Create wife’s admin account. Move each account’s user data to D Drive, (only music to be not common to both). Copy data from back up HDD (I tunes in 2 separate libraries) Need to install Macrium Reflect; Easus Partition Manager. Set up Outlook e mails for separate users. The list above is incomplete, but will take a long time. Comments gratefully accepted.

  john bunyan 11:03 23 Mar 2018

New PC has Thunderbolt only so I have bought an adapter, a USB DVD (to install Photoshop etc) and a USB - C 1 TB HD, which I propose to partition into 500 gig for cloning the new PC HD, 200 gig for images of the C Partition, and 300 for SynchToy copies of the PC's D Drive.

  Forum Editor 11:14 23 Mar 2018

Looks like a good plan to me.

What version of Windows is the older laptop running? if it's not Windows 10 it might be nice to install it before handing over.

You can easily disable the fingerprint login on your new machine - I've done it on mine.

  john bunyan 11:23 23 Mar 2018

Forum Editor

Both will have Windows 10 (home) . The old one is fully up to date with the latest patches and versions. I blame TechAdvisor for a big hole in my pocket as , following their favourable review,I bought a Dell XPS 13 (9370) Roes Gold / white with 7i -855U,16 Gig RAM, 500 gig HD,(no touch screen)

  john bunyan 20:04 23 Mar 2018

I can’t have listened all that’s needed, surely?

  Forum Editor 07:09 24 Mar 2018

There's always something, but i think you've covered it pretty well.

  john bunyan 07:18 24 Mar 2018


Thanks. Hope to get PC just after Easter. The list looks long and many folk seem to think they can use a new PC with little such preparation. Not , of course the experienced Forum members, but one hears of so many cases of lost data due to no back ups and many other avoidable issues so , again, thanks for the reassurance!

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