Swapping old boot drive for a new hard drive

  Severn Bore 14:37 18 Jul 2013

Hi I have installed a new hard drive on my Win 7 PC as my existing hard drive was becoming very noisy. Having used Macrium Reflect to clone the current drive to my new one I now want to make the new hard drive the boot drive. However, the Competer Manager under Control Panel will not let me change the drive letter (C) of the old drive so that I can designate the new one as Boot C. Can any helpful person out there advise me how to go about this please? Many thanks

  BRYNIT 14:48 18 Jul 2013

As you have cloned the drive just disconnect the old drive and boot computer with new drive.

  Severn Bore 16:38 18 Jul 2013

Hi BRYNIT I have four internal hard drives in my PC. Will the "new" boot drive be automatically recognised and renumbered?

  Nontek 19:31 18 Jul 2013

If your Old drive was set as the Boot drive, then yes the New cloned drive will boot as normal.

  Severn Bore 22:12 18 Jul 2013

Thanks BRYNIT and Nontec; your suggestions worked a treat, although I had to replace the SATA cable on the new hard drive with that from the old one before it was recognised as a new boot drive. Many thanks

  Nontek 09:46 19 Jul 2013

Fine, thanks for your feedback.

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