swapping a large file, once only

  Blue5 06:59 12 Mar 2003

I need to transfer a large document file (say 70Mb)between Spain and England, once only, read and transfer it back again. When the document is ready there will be not time to post it and return it before a firm decision has to be made on the basis of the document. Both parties have modern machines running XP and simple ISP accounts. Neither has a website or a great deal of comms experience. I seem to recall in the days before the net that files were transfered modem to modem using ordinary phone lines and phone numbers. A man in the pub said to set up a WAN in XP and then went home. Can anyone crack this one?

  kuhbler 07:09 12 Mar 2003

They could use a p2p program or just use MSN Messenger or ICQ.

Once they have both registered in the same program, then they could send the file that way.

  AndySD 07:21 12 Mar 2003

click here Netmeeting.

Have you tried compressing the file. It will make the transfer much faster.

Winzip click here is good for this and xp can unzip it without the other party having it on their pc or XP has its own compression.

  Blue5 08:47 12 Mar 2003

with a large file from perhaps a timeout that would not continue where it left off with the programs you have mentioned kuhbler and AndySD? Kuhbler, I'm so ignorant that I do not know if a p2p program is a specific bit of software or if you are referring to generic point to point software. I presume AndySD that net meeting runs through the ususal ISP protocols. Don't ISPs ususally put a limit on the size of files they can allow? You see even with a zip file I doubt if we could reduce the file size much because there are a lot of high quality jpeg files in the document. Is net meeting on XP? I don't seem to have noticed it though I know it kept popping up on my Win 2K Pro software. Thanks again. Is the old modem to modem technique a dead art nowadays?

  MAJ 09:14 12 Mar 2003

Split the file using a file splitter program and send the pieces individually. That should overcome any ISP problems. My favourite file splitter is JASP, click here it's free and easy to use.

  AndySD 09:43 12 Mar 2003
  AndySD 10:03 12 Mar 2003

Have a look at ditect connection click here

  Confab 12:48 12 Mar 2003

Why not just e-mail it. If they both have IE6 it has an option to split large files into smaller chunks of whatever size you specify. It will then send the small chunks as e-mail attachments and then automatically put the small chunks back together again once received.


  Lozzy 12:56 12 Mar 2003

Purchase PC Anywhere, then create a direct link between the two PC's via the modem and transfer the file. 70mb file is HUGE it will take a while to send. Email is not a medium to use as 99.99999% of ISP's limit the size of company and individual mail boxes and the email would be rejected as too big. This also applies to MSN

  DieSse 14:32 12 Mar 2003

Put it on a CD and send it by Courier. Much simpler than wasting hours sending and failing. It can be there in 24hrs.

  Blue5 14:44 12 Mar 2003

here so thanks to all concerned. The rest is up to me to take it from here. In my guts I feel that somehow the Isp route will be more problematic in the long run so will first look closely at hyperterminal type solutions. Thanks again all.

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