Swapping a laptop hard drive

  Saipion 14:03 04 Feb 2018

Hi guys!

So usually I would be able to do this pretty easy but this time I have an issue.

I have 2 spare hard drives laying about with data on.

Drive 1 - 1000gb hybrid drive. Has some films and pictures I want to keep on it and then use in the laptop

Drive 2 - 500gb old drive with films and pictures on.

I have an external hard drive casing.

A laptop with 120gb ssd.

What I want to do is move the data from my 1000gb drive to the 500gb drive, then install the 1000gb drive inside of the laptop and get the data back from the 500gb.

Usually I would be fine as I would store data from the 1000gb on my laptop using the external then swap the drives and move the data back. My ssd is only 120gb and I have about 4gb free.

Is there another way I can do this?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:18 04 Feb 2018

Not sure why you want to move the data off the 1TB drive before fitting in the laptop?

Does this drive have an op system on it you wish to format?

Another point if the ssd only has 4 Gb of space free you may end up with problems at the next big update with not enough space to complete the update and for an SSD its best to fill to a max of 75% for best performance.

I suggest when you have the 1TB installed you move the User folders from the SSD to the 1TB drive.

  Saipion 17:40 04 Feb 2018

The 1tb has an op on it already. Need to get the data off then format it before replacing the ssd with the 1tb drive

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:07 04 Feb 2018

If you only have one machine then you are going to have to buy another external case only cost £5 -£10

  Saipion 18:19 04 Feb 2018

If I swapped out the ssd and the 1tb I guess the 1tb won’t boot on the laptop? Looks like I might be poping down the shop

  Saipion 21:38 04 Feb 2018

Maybe I can try and put the 1tb drive in the laptop, try a repair install to see if I can boot. If it works I can move the data from the 1tb to the 500gb, do a fresh install and move the data back.

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