Swapping hard disc

  rp 18:28 21 Feb 2004

I have an old computer on Win 98SE, with some programs like Autosketch that I would like to be able to use but do not have the discs for, and also with Norton Antivirus that was installed by a download. I also have a newer computer with Win 2000.
Having fitted both hard discs in the new computer, how do I
1) Get NAV to work
2) Get the other programs to work. I have tried to start programs by clicking on the short cut in the Win98SE start up folder, but get error messages.
Is it possible to set up a dual boot, even though both operating systems have already been installed?

Many thanks if you can help

  kinger 18:36 21 Feb 2004

Get the system to boot using your old drive by making it the master drive and the other (new) drive to slave.

Copy an image of old boot drive to new drive.

Make New drive boot drive by making it master and make old drive slave.

To do this look at the jumper plugs on the back of each drive and you'll see that by moving them from one socket to the next alters it from either master to slave or vice versa.


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