pkadit 10:48 31 Jul 2004

can someone advise me how to get rid of this as it comes up every time i reboot the PC Thanks

  rawprawn 10:54 31 Jul 2004

What OS, and what do you mean by " it appears everytime I reboot" You could try going into your registry (Start->Run->Regedit) and press F3 to search for the entry.

It will probably be somewhere under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and you might be able to figure out what it is by looking at the complete path.
(company names, program names, etc.)

Delete the entry if you want to, just remember to take a backup of the registry first.

  Rogmur 10:58 31 Jul 2004

Hi Pkadit

I beleive "svhost.exe" is apart of the Windows operating system, (but I am not sure what it is).
Howvever, you should try this website;
click here
They run the popular series of books called "Windows Annoyances" and have useful information about svhost.exe.

Hope this helps
Regards Rogmur

  rawprawn 11:01 31 Jul 2004

He has put svohost.exe, not Svhost.exe. I hope we are not all getting confused.

  jonnytub 11:01 31 Jul 2004

you may have the sophos virus, do a complete viral scan straight away, that is providing the spellling is correct and is not svchost.exe.

  jonnytub 11:02 31 Jul 2004
  pkadit 11:04 31 Jul 2004

I understand that this is dumarin g trojan and is not part of windows.Operating system is Win ME

  Rogmur 11:11 31 Jul 2004

Thanks Rawprawn for pointing that out,
my apologies for the confusion.

Kind regards Rogmur

  jonnytub 11:16 31 Jul 2004

i'm not sure where win me is concerned, however i have great doubts that svohost.exe is part of the os. Don't go deleting things just yet, wait for another member to confirm, possibly someone else who has me can use the search facility to see if they can locate it?, gut feeling though is that it is a variant of the sophos virus. Run updated av software.

  rawprawn 11:18 31 Jul 2004

Go to click here and download the Avast Cleaner, then run that before playing in the registry. Also you coul try running Bazooka click here

  iambeavis 19:06 31 Jul 2004

Would this information be of any use? click here It appears to be a nasty little sucker - if it's the same one.

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