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I just installed a bigger hard drive on the computer im using, but everything is installing and saving still on the C:\ drive automatically which is running out of space, so after reading up on the net what to do, i got Norton Ghost, and copied the C:\ drive onto the new hard drive hoping after a reboot i could run the PC off the new drive and would start saving here as i wanted. After the reboot however, i had a pop up about an svchost.exe had performed an illegal error, and had one of those errors which ask if you want to send an error report to MS. What can i do about this? have i done what i should properly or have i missed something out? I need that hard drive as my primary drive without losing everything and re-installing windows again as i had enough problems last time with it. Many thanks!!

  mgmcc 08:40 28 May 2006

What you need to do is to install the new larger hard drive as "slave" in the PC and use Norton Ghost to "clone" the existing drive into the new drive. Then remove the old drive, swap the new drive from "slave" to the "master" on the primary IDE channel (also changing the jumper to "master") and the PC should then boot from the new drive, which will become "C" drive. The old drive can then be used as a second drive for file storage etc.

  [DELETED] 10:16 28 May 2006

excellent, thanks very much!!

  [DELETED] 00:52 29 May 2006

I have done this today, exactly how you said, and it seems as though the old C:\ drive (thats still called C:\ is still the primary when fully booted even though it says the other hard drive is master in the startup screen. I proved this by writing in notepad and saving it, and it saved in the C:\ not the F:\ (the new drive). I then unplugged the old drive to see what happens, and the new drive booted up to when Windows XP shows with the blue screen just before the welcome screen comes up with the account names. This is bugging me now, I am using Norton Ghost 9.0

Should i try a different version? Maybe the one i see on the net alot, the 2003 version? I always made sure too that the copying process had always completed succesfully.

  mgmcc 11:32 29 May 2006

If you "cloned" the old drive to the new one, you should have an exact copy. When installed as the Master drive on the Primary IDE channel and with the old drive disconnected, the new drive should boot as "C" drive.

I assume you have "cloned" the hard disk and not "copied" your "C" drive into "F" drive? I'm not familiar with Ghost 9.0 because it is Ghost 2003 that I still use.

Ghost 2003 was Symantec's Norton Ghost. When Symantec took over PowerQuest, they rebadged PowerQuest Drive Image as Ghost 9.0, so it is a totally different program.

I was under the impression that the Ghost 9.0 CD also had Ghost 2003 on, primarily for use with Windows 98 which 9.0 doesn't work with.

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