sid 22:11 14 Dec 2003

Any one else out there having problems with this Trojan?
I think I have managed to get rid of it but even Norton 2003 didnt manage to prevent it dropping into system 32
Im running W2000
Any one out there with the same problem?

  VoG II 22:14 14 Dec 2003

Presumably click here ?

  sid 22:23 14 Dec 2003

Thnx VoG
Gud advice
been t Norton site recently
n I think Om Trojan free but I still dont know why Norton allowed this Bast*** onto my system.

  VoG II 22:25 14 Dec 2003

If you're worried try The Cleaner (30 day free trial) click here

  AubreyS 22:30 14 Dec 2003

click here I can symapthise with you Eh VoG?

  VoG II 22:34 14 Dec 2003

Oh no, I'm stuck in a loop. Help!

  sid 22:35 14 Dec 2003

Thnx all Im doin my best t rid my PC of this Sh**
Appreciate the advice.

  AubreyS 22:38 14 Dec 2003

LOL, its a conspiracy! Want some of my scotch VoG?

  sid 22:42 14 Dec 2003

I dont need the Scotch
Pissed already
Thnx Guys

  VoG II 22:44 14 Dec 2003

Well it is nearly Christmas. That's my excuse all year round. LOL.

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