Svchost doesn't work.

  [DELETED] 21:45 27 Aug 2003

Iam using Windows 2000 professional on a lap-top. I have been trying to download some programs from the internet but it always fails in the following way. Usually, I get a message to the effect that svchost has failed and I should restart the programme. Part way through my download, I find that the file has stopped loading but the modem is still busy sending and receiving something. If I close down the modem and redial I cannot get a new connection. Also, the Windows "search" facility no longer works. I can only reconnect to the internet if I restart Windows.
This problem began when I unwisely installed a version of MacAffee Quickclean and Virus checker that I bought for an earlier version of Windows. It interfered badly with Windows and I could not get it to uninstall. In the end I deleted all relevant files and used the Windows repair facility on my installation disk. Is there a cure for my internet problem ? Should I do a clean installation of Windows ? Any advice would be appreciated.
Tom Radcliffe

  [DELETED] 21:50 27 Aug 2003

Simalar results from the Blaster virus...

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