svchost ?????????

  dkuk2000 13:27 16 Aug 2003

My pc has suddenly become very sluggish when i bring up the close program menu i have svchost displayed 3 times if i close this from the menu the pc is fine.
But what is it and can i remove it ?

  Jester2K II 13:52 16 Aug 2003

svchost - is a legitimate XP service. You will always have a few running because there is one running for each service.

Check other things first. Is you AV up to date? Done a full scan?

Any changes before it slowed down?

  dkuk2000 23:35 17 Aug 2003

It appears that somehow somebody had installed loads of dodgy files on my hdd while i was online.
A format later i installed "Norton firewall" and it seems problem solved.

  DieSse 01:06 18 Aug 2003

The svchost error comes up on Win2000 when the current nasty msblaster virus gets to your system.

As well as a firewall, you should download the appropriate Critical Updates to prevent this or simlar exploits n the future.

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