SUWIN causes G.P.F during W98 install

  Diemmess 17:26 09 May 2003

Thought I had installed Win98SE enough times over the years to expect no trouble by sticking to the defaults.

I am supposed to support my daughter and grandson's computer.

Quite suddenly on boot-up it warbled continuos error noises and would not allow even access to the bios.

It was an ATX base with Pentium II and Slot 1 board.
To shorten the story A new FIC 1st Mainboard, a valid Duron 800, a clean spare HDD, and today a new PSU.

The brute will boot, but is reluctant to deal with either the CDROM or the CDRW, sulking in the middle of copying or saying the drive isn't ready.

I have succeeded in copying the Win98 folder to the larger partition, and have disconnected both CD drives to eliminate them.

Booting from a setup floppy I can try every which way but cannot get the installation procedure beyond starting to setting itself up on C:
It has completed the scanning and is usually looking for other installation when it either hangs at between 20% and 30% or pops that stark message -

.........Application Error............
SUWIN caused a General Protection Fault in module SETUPDXL.DLL at 0004:4491 (and other addresses!!!)

I have spent hours on this wretched box and a lot money too. Its what comes of being cock that I would be able to fix it easily.
A mere a shadow of myself I hope someone out there will offer the solution.

  VoG™ 17:30 09 May 2003

Not exactly the same error but could be worth a try click here

  VoG™ 17:43 09 May 2003

I think it must be SETUPX.DLL (as in my click here) as I can't find anything on SETUPDXL.DLL.

  Diemmess 18:48 09 May 2003

I too am thinking I have the BIOS wrongly set on this new Mobo. I accepted the default settings.

It is Award Software 1984-2001

Any help would be appreciated, the manual says what each item does but in terse uninformative terms.

I can download a later version perhaps but not unless it is necessary, Win98SE is hardly the latest!

  VoG™ 19:00 09 May 2003

I'm definitely not an expert on BIOS/CMOS settings!

Have you tried the support site click here - there appears to be FAQs for each mobo.

  Diemmess 17:11 11 May 2003

If anyone is interested in the outcome of this thread and the previous one about warbling error tones.

The computer was wrecked and would have been almost cheaper to replace...... Certainly if a professional had spent the time I did to make it work.

Starting with monitor showing No Signal and though "the lights were on" I could not even reach the Bios.

Replaced motherboard and CPU

Substituted a spare HDD Could now reach the floppy and CDs, but copying was unreliable, and most attempts resulted in freezing and a reboot

Substituted the PSU...... No difference.

Discovered that the CDROM was no longer responding and though set to Slave it disabled the HDD when in circuit!

Took the CDRom out and used only the "CD burner" which now became readable and allowed a new Windows installation.

Took the box back to its home today to allow setting up of modem and Aol in native premises.

Great difficulty installing modem drivers and when Aol installed (twice) it crashed the OS at the point where it looked for a modem.

Very reluctantly I took the identical modem out of this computer and was able to install and go on-line on the repaired box without a holdup or hitch.

All these things (mobo, CDROM, and Modem)were dead or dying, I assume a power spike or mini powercut was responsible. Surely unless a component had shorted something, any one item alone could not have been the cause? It proved once more that strange faults often have even stranger reasons.


AVG was up and running at the time, and after deleteing through DOS the major bits of the original Windows, I was able to piggy back the old disk and recover all data. Only the original OS was corrupted..... really thoroughly.

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