Suspicious Email

  cocteau48 14:35 06 Jan 2007

Earlier today I posted the following thread on this forum:
click here=

I have just received an email (not an e-notification of a response to my thread)direct from an unknown source into my inbox.
How come?
Sorry if there is a logical explanation to this but I have never had such a direct communication generated by this forum before. Paranoia rules!!!!!

  VoG II 14:38 06 Jan 2007

Somebody clicked your yellow envelope and sent you a private message?

  Technotiger 14:38 06 Jan 2007

Hi, your link only goes to the PCA Index page? not to your thread.

It is possible that another member has sent you an email via the yellow envelope, though they are not supposed to without your invitaion.

  Technotiger 14:39 06 Jan 2007

click here

your thread.

  cocteau48 14:51 06 Jan 2007

Thanks to VoG and Technotiger for the re-assurance.
Technotiger - you beat me to it.
I am still a tad suspicious and will delete the email. If the sender still wishes to offer assistance then he can respond in the appropriate manner and request my permission to contact me direct.

  p;3 15:11 06 Jan 2007

a mail via the yellow envelope system will normally have on it that it is from the system; if you think it did come from a member and contains any unwanted or other material the FE needs to know

you can always contact him by mail on

[email protected]

if you still have it in your deleted box,suggest send to the fe for him to check

  cocteau48 15:52 06 Jan 2007

I'm afraid its gone p;3.
I think it may have had on it that it was from the system but as it was also offering to send me a .dll file,as an attachment,if I was still looking for one,and I am not in the habit of accepting attachments from unknown sources,I decided to play safe and get rid or it.
Thanks for pointing out the correct procedure should I receive any other similar emails.I will respond accordingly next time.

  spuds 15:58 06 Jan 2007

You could put a link into your previous thread, directing people to this thread. By doing so, you would inform others of the situation to your concern.

  cocteau48 16:22 06 Jan 2007

Consider it done spuds.

  p;3 17:05 06 Jan 2007

a point; it has to have been from a forum member as you can only yellow enveloped from within forum when logged in;

was it to your default address for here? or has someone harvested your address from somewhere?

  cocteau48 18:22 06 Jan 2007

I tend towards the email originating from some well meaning forum member and that I was yellow enveloped(it was my default email address),but why not contact me through the correct channels?
Anyway,these days,I take no chances and it was binned. If it was a well intended gesture then I am sorry but better to be safe than sorry.

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