SUSPICIOUS e-mails with no subject

  johnpalmer 08:55 24 Jul 2007

In the last few weeks, I have received dozens of e-mails with no subject and no text, but with an attachment.

All from supposedly different people, as there is only a name in the 'from' area. When I check the properties of the name, all the e-mail addresses are just a jumble of letters, but are from all over the globe.

I have not opened any attachment, and used the BLOCK SENDER facility for all of them.

I have tried creating a mail message rule, but there is no facility for e-mails with an empty subject line.

Can I create a rule for this, and are these attachments possibly dangerous.

Any help gratefully received

  jack 09:15 24 Jul 2007

They are usually ads for sex enhancement products
If you do not know who they are from or they have no content marked- simply delete unread.
Actually as these scammers are up to all sorts of trick to circumvent our protection methods it its best to remove your E-mail programs from the start group.
Look at your mail on line in your ISP,s web mail section, delete it what you don't like the look of there by sending it to the 'blacklist' or block box
then when only the genuine stuff remains come back to your desk top and run the E-mail program.
Then only the stuff you approve of will come in.
Once it is in close the program so that no more uninvited comes down the wire.

All long winded but is the only sure way of stopping the stuff

  johnpalmer 09:33 24 Jul 2007

Thanks Jack, but can you be a little more specific, as I am a bit of a goomph on tricky stuff.

I normally read my e-mails via Outlook Express, and do not often look via the BT Yahoo connection, unless I am abroad.

Sorry to be nuisance but can you spell it out for me.

I have logged into BT Yahoo, and would welcome any specific advice.



  johnnyrocker 09:53 24 Jul 2007

Look at your mail on line in your ISP,s web mail section, delete it what you don't like the look of there by sending it to the 'blacklist' or block box
then when only the genuine stuff remains come back to your desk top and run the E-mail program.

if you follow the above you should have no probs.


  birdface 10:12 24 Jul 2007

You can download E Prompter,And delete your spam from there, It's here

  birdface 09:47 25 Jul 2007

I opened one this morning in E-Prompter.It was on my safe e-mail address,It just said xxx will start in 15 minutes.and address was from my own e-mail address.Nothing else on it.Deleted it at once.I suppose I should have kept it on there for a while in case others got the same message.

  jack 15:51 25 Jul 2007

Johnny rocker spelled out what I said
to clarify further.
Start your machine but don't go on line.
Then go to Start and in the left hand column you will see all the programs that start at boot up.

One of them will be Outlook Express.
Right click on this icon and you will see 'remove from group'
Click on this and reboot the machine.

Now Outlook Express will not load and look for mail you will have to start it like any other program.
Now Go on the Web look up your ISP and log onto your mail account.
Look at mail there, delete what you do not like.
You can [as I do] deal with it there and it has not come into your computer.
Then close that window.
Go to Outlook express desktop icon and fire up the program.- When that batch of mail is in - shut the program down.

Is that better?

I have a similar problem to John Palmer.

I changed my ISP last October and have been free of unwanted emails until recently when over a few weeks I have received over 50 emails claiming to be from 6 banks and 1 building society asking me to contact them - I believe these are called 'phishers'? I do not respond but delete the message.

Is there a better way of stopping them clogging up my Inbox?

(An email response with a house brick attachment springs to mind!)

  brundle 17:51 25 Jul 2007

Mailwasher might help; click here
Webmail as jack suggested
Thunderbird's built in spam-filter; click here

Use this myself, email notifier/filter/quick reader but due to its minute size not the easiest to configure; click here

  johnpalmer 09:37 26 Jul 2007

My ISP is BT Yahoo, which has a very good spam filter, but I find it fiddly to log on every time, and so I used Outlook Express.

All my unwanted unsolicited incoming e-mails are sent to my block sender list, but I wanted to know how, if possible, I could create a mail message rule to automatically dump the messages where the SUBJECT line, and message page are both completely blank.

These are the mysterious e-mails with just an attachment.

I also have had a load of unsolicited e-mails with share price recommendations.

My e-mail address has a .COM suffix, which I suspect encourages all this crap.

  laurie53 09:40 26 Jul 2007

Don't even open them - you'll confirm your address as "live"

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