suspicious e-mail from ""

  NickyK 14:54 18 Oct 2004

I've received two e-mails from "aol-com". The first advises me that my e-mail account has been used to send a massive amount of "commercial" e-mail; the second advises me that my address contains "permanent fatal errors". Both e-mails have a dowload attachment which I haven't opened because my system gave me a pop-up warning saying the attachment contains "executable code".

AOl is my provider, and they say these are "scam" and "hoax" e-mails and nothing to do with the real AOL who never send downloadable attachments. I've reported them both to

Does anyone know anything about these e-mails and their sender? And should I report them elesewhere than cosuk?


  Diemmess 15:06 18 Oct 2004

There's nothing more you can do.

I've never(seriously)used any provider except Aol, and though like you I have seen Aol's standard warnings, I have yet to have this nasty email.

It would seem to have a phony source "aol-com" instead of Even so, those who don't look might well have downloaded and opened the attachment.

It was a good idea to post in this helproom if only to remind others.

  NickyK 15:08 18 Oct 2004

The full address is "[email protected]"

  StellaArtois63 15:10 18 Oct 2004

I used to be online with AOL and when they needed to contact me, they did by real mail to my home address. There are so many scams going on with Banks,ISP's and Ebay all sending emails about wanting details of your account, or making out they are just checking them to ensure they are up to date.The real firms will not send links or attatchments.If in any doubt do not open these emails or if you are uncertain then ring up the Bank or AOL to confirm this. On the television recently the Halifax were shown to have a website that would have convinced most people but it turned out to be a hoax. In my opinion the best way is to ignore the emails and let them contact you via real mail.

  NickyK 15:16 18 Oct 2004

Okay. Thanks to the above posters for the advice.


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