Suspicious change of Amazon sign-in

  prester-john 21:36 24 Oct 2018

An email from Amazon (or someone) tells me that I have requested (rubbish!) a change in the email address used for my account with them. The new one they give me has six characters followed by - yes, Russia. Also, LastPass report that my password should be changed, but their automatic 'new password' attempt failed. I can open a new account, I suppose, but would in any case want to close the old one. That means getting into my (altered) account, using [email protected], but I don't intend to take that risk. Help!

  wee eddie 21:39 24 Oct 2018

All are trying to con you. Junk the lot of them

  lotvic 22:07 24 Oct 2018

Forward the suspicious email to Amazon

If you are concerned that you have received a Phishing or Spoofed E-mail, please report it to us

click here

  BT 08:05 25 Oct 2018

See my thread on a similar problem

Amazon problems

You need to change your login Email and cancel any cards you have registered on Amazon. Check your Amazon account for any hidden purchases and check your Credit Card account for any unauthorised purchases.

  wee eddie 11:20 25 Oct 2018

Don't click on any links in the emails. This is very likely a fishing visit but if there mare any "real" bits of information from your Amazon Account in one of the emails. Visit your email account, in the normal way, and check it out.

  prester-john 20:58 26 Oct 2018

I sent the suspicious email, plus another one, to [email protected], attached to a new email rather than as simply forwarding them, which they acknowledged. I later phoned 08002797234 (amazon accounts, I think). Very helpful, once I had tuned my ears to the Asian accent; the case was then passed on for someone technically higher up, who would email me shortly. Result: account frozen, so that no-one, including myself, could get into it; the password was disabled; any changes made by an interloper (including User Name) would be reversed; and any pending orders (none, actually) cancelled. After a 5-hour wait I could create a new password. Payment details will have to be reentered next time I order. Meanwhile so far so good. No illegit purchases, no attempts to draw from my credit card account. I suspect that they still needed my password, and hoped to get it when I tried to sign in using the bogus User Name - which I didn't. Grateful thanks for all helpful advice which was offered, and particularly to BT for pointing me to his thread. And Amazon.

  MJS WARLORD 11:33 27 Oct 2018

SECURITY POINT.....when you make a purchase from amazon make sure you go back into payments method and delete details of the card you just used , I do this on amazon and steam ….. just in case !

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