Suspect items found.

  seventiesdolly 20:54 18 Mar 2007

Ran several scans today and was shocked to see that the following was picked up...

Heuristic.ArchiveBomb (files that were just downloads for The Sims game)


I don't know if it was A2 or Ewido that found these.
Also, i've recently noticed a folder containing something called Viewpoint Experience Technology.
Anyone know what these things are/what I should do? Thanks for any advice.

  skidzy 21:00 18 Mar 2007

Did the apps quarrantine these files

If not a hjt log posted click here maybe the best bet.

Similar problems click here

  seventiesdolly 21:02 18 Mar 2007

The programmes said the files had been 'cleaned'....

  skidzy 21:03 18 Mar 2007

Have you rebooted since and scanned again ?

Just incase.

  seventiesdolly 21:04 18 Mar 2007

No, but scanned again and nothing was showing, but i've never had anything like this before so can't understand why now...

  skidzy 21:18 18 Mar 2007

I would reboot and scan again,like i say..incase it reinvents itself.
There is a debate that these type of files can edit the registry and also lodge in a restore point.

Reboot/rescan and hopefully its gone for good.

Though if Viewpoint is in add and remove programs,it may be back.Read the link (Similar problems)

  seventiesdolly 21:23 18 Mar 2007

Going offline now, but thanks for your advice skidzy - will see what's what when I boot up 2moro...

  Nellie2 23:40 18 Mar 2007

I wouldn't worry too much about the archive bomb warning you got, most likely your Sims download confused A-squared click here

Here is a link that will tell you more about the Exploit.html.mht click here I hope your browser and operating system are fully up to date as this problem was fixed by a security patch

  seventiesdolly 11:27 20 Mar 2007

Hi Nellie2 - thanks for your reply. All system is up to date, so hopefully that took care of the exploit.
Seems safe to assume it was just a false positive re the 'bomb', but still don't know what the viewpoint technology thing is?
It's not something i've downloaded, and it's not showing in my list of add/remove programmes, so is it safe to just delete the folder?
Thanks :-)

  vinnyT 11:55 20 Mar 2007

It's possably this click here, a free media player browser plugin.

If it is, then I think you can remove browser plugins from within IE (I'm assuming that you are using ie);

-Manage Add-ons
-Enable/disable Add-ons

Then in the main pane look for anything related to viewpoint technology, click on it to highlight it. Now go to settings (just below), click the disable button. Then click the OK button, and that should be that.

Hope this helps.

  seventiesdolly 12:00 20 Mar 2007

Hello there - it isn't showing up in IE (which I don't normally use btw)...

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