Suspect email I received, please someone help

  erkmatrix 10:39 04 Mar 2004

I've just checked my email and I have a email, below about a plasma TV that I never ordered, I've never heard of the website, is this a hoax going round or has someone used one of my cards somehow, what should I do


March 3, 2004


Account Number: ********
password: ******
Order Number: PBW7992
Order Total: $4,490.50

Thank you for ordering from, below is your order detail.

Your order is currently being reviewed and processed. We will send you an
e-mail confirming shipment and providing pertinent shipping information as
soon as your order ships.

The Following item(s) are included with this order:
Product Code : TH42PHD6UY
Price : $4,135.00
Quantity : 1
Price : $4,135.00

Subtotal $4,135.00
Shipping $355.50

Grand Total $4,490.50

You can track the status of your order anytime you like (24/7) online by
going to our website click here and logging into your account.

It was a pleasure to serve you and we hope you visit us again soon. If you
have any questions, please contact us.

Sales Department


  madzad 10:43 04 Mar 2004

Go to your bank and see if the money has gone out... it maybe a genuine mistake on thier behalf.. there are some hoaxes going around but this one I have not heard of and its worth the time asking the bank IMHO..


  Jester2K 10:49 04 Mar 2004

Its a scam or a virus - can't find out which. I've seen it before though. Check with the credit card company but do not reply to the e-mail or open any attachments.

The website is a Science News site by the way!!

  erkmatrix 12:05 04 Mar 2004

yeah it doesn't appear to have shown up on my bank account and I havn't clicked on any attachments or the link to the website, cause one of my mates said that you can get virus's sometimes for hitting on a site, is that true?
Anyway I also was a bit suspect of it being a scam cause of the jumbled up letters at the start and finish of the email, have seen them on alot of junk mail.

Kinda scary though when its for Grand Total $4,490.50

  Sealer 12:10 04 Mar 2004

I get this sort of crap all the time, I went out and bought norton anti spam. Not bad it sorts most of it out.

  nott 12:22 04 Mar 2004

contact your credit card company ASAP, give them all the info

  erkmatrix 12:52 04 Mar 2004

I contacted my credit card company just to check and nothings been through my card, so must be some scam, I guess if they had used my card they wouldn't of ordered the plasma tv and used my email address.

I'll maybe consider the nortons anti spam as do get sick of spam so much

  bof:) 12:59 04 Mar 2004

Also make sure you have a good virus checker thats kept uptodate just incase you accidentaly open a 'suspect email' as I did.


  erkmatrix 13:05 04 Mar 2004

just running a scan now with my avast virus and came up with a virus, anyway I've deleted it.

Thanks for the advise, isn't it funny now half the time spent on computers now is either virus checking, updating various software, looking for adware and spyware. Long gone are those days when well you never really thought about virus's and evils getting onto your PC.

  Stuartli 13:08 04 Mar 2004

Hence the constant advice (if you have it enabled) to permanently disable OE's Preview Pane....:-)

  Jester2K 13:13 04 Mar 2004

Can you tell us which one it was please?

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