JAMSARNNIE 22:21 20 May 2004

Can someone advise me on what to do to stop getting e-mails with obvious attacments which are potential virus carriers.
I am also getting mail from people who have supposedly had mail from me saying that the mail I had supposed to have sent may contain a virus, case in point, tonight I recieved an e-mail from [email protected] . I have never heard of this address let alone send dodgy e-mails. so I would be grateful if someone could tell me how this is happening and what (if anything) I can do about it

  Smegs 22:24 20 May 2004

I use Mailwasher. You can see the email message before you download to your Pc. You have the choice to Delete, Bounce, Block. This is all before it gets to your Pc.

  stalion 22:37 20 May 2004
  JAMSARNNIE 22:38 20 May 2004

Many thanks Smegs, can you tell me how to go about getting Mailwasher?

  Smegs 22:42 20 May 2004

Click the envolope and send me an email with your email and I'll send it to you.

  Smegs 22:53 20 May 2004

It's been sent.

  Smegs 23:14 20 May 2004

click here click here click here click here click here. If for some reason you don't get the email, all these are freeware. I sent the email to myself before I sent it to you and I'm still waiting. Stalion, sorry, your link is only a 30 dayer.

  JAMSARNNIE 23:25 20 May 2004

Thanks again Smegs, have downloaded it and will give it a go.
many thanks.

  Smegs 23:35 20 May 2004

JAMSARNNIE, not a problem. Did it come through email?? I'm still waiting for it to come back to me.

  spuds 23:55 20 May 2004

JAMSARNNIE--As a matter of interest should be the domain of Hackney council. If you have no contact with Hackney council,and you are concerned as to the content of the email. Then I would contact Hackney council's computer admin department by landline, and ask if they have an explaination.If some dodgy emails are floating about,regarding Hackney council, then I am sure, that they would be very pleased to have this information.

  stalion 23:59 20 May 2004

sorry about that posted wrong site for mailwasher Regards

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