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Suspect dead PSU

  Strawballs 23:12 03 Nov 2005

A friends machine will not turn on, when the power button is depressed the cpu fan starts and one of the cd drives operates but nothing from the post scipt or hard drive but when I put put the hard drive as a slave in my machine it works and is accessable.

My feeling is that it is the PSU and I have a spare PSU from an older system that I have in the roof but the old machine has one less plug than the other one, it is a square plug that goes into the motherboardas an extra to the ATX plug.

  Strawballs 00:45 04 Nov 2005


  Strawballs 22:52 04 Nov 2005

I did try using the PSU without the ATX12v but it did not power up the system.
I did try unplugging all of the IDE ribbons and the HDD drive did fire up and the system shut down by pressing and holding the power button but as I plugged items back in to the main board it went back to the original state of only one of the cd drives opening and the system would only dhut down by unplugging it.

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