Suse personal & ME & getting drivers for programs

  Dunstan-329617 21:37 05 Oct 2004

I asked PC World in Milton Keynes if they knew of the Suse Personal (that they sell) and if it worked with an ME and how to get drivers for all PC software, (i.e. Adobe Audition, Creative platinum Live Drive, Cakewalk etc.) and they said they didn't know. Does someone (please) have any experience (more than PC World for sure)? I don't really like computers, I think that they ARE ELECTRIC TYPEWRITERS IF THEY CAN'T PLAY MUSIC, Thank you, Dunstan

  Diodorus Siculus 22:21 05 Oct 2004

Yes, it works with Me. You can dual boot.

And you can also get Suse 9 personal for free on the current DVD version of PCPro. You don't get the manuals that are in the box, but they are no great value anyway.

Most current hardware is recognised by default by Suse 9 and I think it is worth getting - especially if you can track down the PCPro magazine.

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