Survey.....has this happened to you?!

  rotormota 17:36 08 May 2004

Survey situation 1:

You make the fatal mistake of leaving the pc on when visitors arrive & suddenly everyone's a computer expert!!! Telling you what you should & shouldn't do & that the programmes they run are the best....ever!!

Survey situation 2:

You make the fatal mistake of agreeing to someone using your pc to 'just' send an email & suddenly they are in the 'hot seat' of your cherished 'puter for 2 hours moving your mouse about.....& yes, suddenly they think they are an expert of your extremely customised/personalised system but infact they can't work out why it is not like their own corporate machine they use at work with all default settings/programmes still in place (but don't really want to let on!).

Extremely annoying either way & anxious moments aplenty until you finally manage to get your pc back!


  bvw in bristol 17:41 08 May 2004

Whoever you are, get off rotormota's machine please.

  VoG II 17:42 08 May 2004

Yes and Yes.

My "friend" once manage to "break" my internet connectivity - twice within 30 minutes. System Restore twice.

He also once told me in passing "I've defragged your drive by the way". Grrr.

  hugh-265156 17:45 08 May 2004

nobody gets on my computer



  Doogie Howser 17:51 08 May 2004

No, my mates wouldn't dare!

  rotormota 17:55 08 May 2004

I thought I might be on to something with this one.......remember, tell nobody, that's NOBODY you own a pc!!!

  PUNKA 17:58 08 May 2004

Piece of electrical flex that clips onto my computer chair with 3 pin plug attached, and extension lead lying next to it with red light ON.If said friend approaches chair quickly lift plug and look straight into Friends eye whilst glancing at LIVE extension lead and mumbling "Make My Day"

  turkish 18:01 08 May 2004

Renewing the subscription early this week came as a nasty shock. Original system sold as two user pack. Renewals are INDIVIDUAL so approx £17.00 each so total cost of NAV 2003 PRO renewal = £34...pointless,when 2004 costs £38.00.

Has anyone got any idea whether or not the Norton Systemworks PRO 2004 version covers 2 workstations at all or does Symantec require a surrepticious payment for the additional machine.

Pity their website isn't clearer on both these issues.

  Andybear 18:08 08 May 2004

You might want to start a new thread for your query.

  ste_bla 18:14 08 May 2004

with all new norton software one of their 'bonus features' is online activiation and so normal versions only allowed on one pc... so nice of them isnt it

  €dstowe 18:39 08 May 2004

Anyone messing about with my machines can expect a very short life span.


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