Surveillance software

  gingepaul 12:20 25 Jul 2004

Hello everybody, just need a bit of advice.

My freind has just bought a wireless infra red camera/receiver that he is going to position on the front of his house, watching over his driveway/car 24/7.
Now i know that software exists for the pc to record when movement is picked up by the camera, i just dont know the name of it, or its competition. I ve even heard of one that sends the video to a bit of webspace via an always on dsl/cable connection so that no one can erase the video but you.
If anyone has any info or even uses such software i'd appreciate any tips (well me mate would, it'd just make my life easier) , ta :)

  Sh00ter 12:46 25 Jul 2004

one type that ive used is found at click here that'll upload to a wedpage etc

  gingepaul 12:50 25 Jul 2004

thanks mate, downloading the trial right now :)

  Stuartli 12:55 25 Jul 2004

Creative also provides such software (or at least did) with its webcam products.

  spuds 19:12 25 Jul 2004

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