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  Slapper1 14:34 18 Mar 2008


As a mother - a very nosey, wanting to know everything her kids are up to mother, I am interested in keeping a track on my kids Internet activity.

With the youngest it's easy to police as I just use strong parental controls. with the older two it's not so easy.

What I want to know is: is there a stealth application I can use on the home PC that will log (in a manner I can easily understand) the activity of the other Internet user accounts associated with it? i.e. emails received and sent, site visited. Further if a daughter use a second email provider is it possible to track that from the PC in use?

I used XP Pro inc SP 2 and my IP is AOL (AOL 9VR). If its relevant I also use Norton 360 protection

  Clapton is God 15:56 18 Mar 2008

This question crops up quite regularly in these Forums and you'll probably get a variety of suggestions.

My answer however, as the father of 2 daughters, is this - if you need to spy on your children that closely I must question where your parenting skills have gone wrong.

  tullie 16:09 18 Mar 2008

Slapper1 may not be anything like her unfortunate nickname,and may be a very good mother,if anyones had children,its a challenge.

  pgj 16:22 18 Mar 2008

As a mother myself I'm sure slapper1 finds your tone as offensive as I do - these are PC help posts not a play ground. I can see exactly where this mother is coming from especially with all we read in the press these days. In fact I question what really lies behind the first respondents attitude - it suggests they may themselves have something to hide. I have no answers for you slapper1 but will keep an eye on this thread. I think the nick name is ace too - lets hope are the guys here are not so blinkered...

  keef66 16:58 18 Mar 2008

As a father of two teenage boys I think Clapton is God is either very lucky or extremely naive.

Make sure the pc is in an area of the house where it's easy to keep an eye on it, rather than tucked away in a bedroom.

You can look at their temporary internet files / history to see what kinds of sites they have been visiting, although they may soon learn to delete them after a browsing session.

(you'll find history and temp internet files under C:\docs and settings\username\local settings)

No experience of monitoring software.

You must impress on them that the shouldn't give any personal information to anyone they don't know, however kewl they may sound online.

  Slapper1 18:54 18 Mar 2008

Thanks a million for the moral support. This is my first time on this site and I really did not expect some one to be as rude as Clapton is God in these types of forums - I thought only mature persons surfed such places.

As for looking through temp files and history that's not going to work. It's my older kids that have shown me the ropes on the PC and one of the first habits they got me in to was deleting all temp files and history at the end of an Internet session so as to stop cluttering the machine up - something their IT teacher at school had told them to do. But thank you for the suggestions.

Has for the moral chats etc we have these and promises are made - and my kids are very good. But I do remember peer presser at their ages and know only too well no matter how well you educate and guide your children that independence and free-will mixed with the feeling of Infallibility, can get any teenager in over their head.

I make no apology for seeking out monitoring soft wear ...... please anyone????

  Acx 19:20 18 Mar 2008

First I must say that I don't use this software so you will have to try it out yourself, but I do know its been around for a while.

this article is a few years old click here

but the latest software can be had at click here.

It may be (in part at least) what you are looking for click here (it has a 14 day trial to see if you if you do or don't like it).

  wee eddie 20:47 18 Mar 2008

that they know more than us.

Question: Do you have access to another computer? If they see you studying the computer that they use, they'll quickly smell a rat.

There is software that will report the use of a PC to another PC. It's called a Keylogger and you can instruct some varieties to report the actions of one PC to another. Not cheap though. I have never tried one.

If you hang around for a while, someone will come up with an even better solution.

  rossgolf 22:50 18 Mar 2008

click here=

try one of them
i havent used it personally myself
worth a try
have a read of a manual for it before you download if you can, to make sure its wat you want.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:36 19 Mar 2008

click here if you are insistent that you want to spy on your children.


  ukiri 00:52 21 Mar 2008

Slapper1 here are somethings that will help.Only let the kids have limited access login accounts not administrator access, this stops them locking you out of files and folders.Change the Main Admin Password.
If they`re using Windows Live chat you can check the saved logs to see who and what they have doing.It can be found in My Computer>C:\>Documents and Settings>(account name folder)>My Documents>My Chat Logs.Check in the Image folder there too and if they have separate save folders for homework etc.when doing this at top of page click on tools>folder options>view>show hidden files and folders.
Be very wary of letting them use a web cam!!

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