Surround sound 5.1 laptop setup

  feedquentin 11:33 23 Oct 2008

Hi there! just bought a medion akoya s5610, and i want to connect it up to 5.1 surround sound but I've been told that its built in sound card wont cut it. I've googled for sound cards and 5.1 speakers, I've got a budget of under £100 and came up with this:

Soundblaster X-Fi Notebook
click here

Creative OEM T6100 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers
click here

Please could anyone confirm whether this would work or not with my laptop? I've got very little experience with laptops and sound cards so I'm looking for reassurance. Couldn't find much info on the sound card either.

  Diemmess 12:32 23 Oct 2008

Just browsing but saw your earlier thread click here

I think this may be the best advice you are likely to receive.

There is usually no space or possibility to fit an alternative sound card to a laptop.
Have you tried re-configuring the sound "card" you already have?

Your new speakers should be an unbelievable improvment to the built in ones, and only you will notice if they don't measure up to your dreams.

  feedquentin 13:00 23 Oct 2008

Thanks for your reply :) I've recieved quite a few different responses on different forums about this. I was told that this sound card would work by medion forum. I was dissapointed to hear that i may only be able to use 2.1 speakers.
I'll try reconfiguring the sound card, probably the best thing to do before i splash out on new stuff.
Ooh just found out my medion DOES have a expresscard slot, so in theory the Soundblaster X-Fi Notebook should work..
But first ill try re-jigging the current card.
Thanks for your help :)

  splinternet 22:51 23 Oct 2008

Don't know whether this is the same problem I've got. I've just bought a desktop from Cube (the Polaris ST12) which comes with Creative Inspire T6100 5.1 speaker system. The connection instructions which come with the speakers show 3 cables from the subwoofer connecting to 3 output sockets on a PC sound card, but my PC only has 2 outputs (coloured light-green and blue). There is a third (pink) which has a microphone symbol, but I assume this isn't for connecting the speakers. So how do I connect up my speaker system? The cables from the subwoofer are coloured orange, lime-green and black which appear to correspond to centre/subwoofer, front and rear respectively.

  feedquentin 12:36 24 Oct 2008

Splinternet, I also only have 2 outputs and a mic input. (On the side it says one is a headphone socket, one an S/PDF and the mic socket)
I googled how to connect 5.1 speaker systems to these and some people said that they just plugged the third cable straight into the Microphone input. They say it worked so i'd give that a try. (i dont have a 5.1 speaker system yet so i cant myself)

Found this link on how to connect the speakers to a PC click here if its any use to you.

Please give me an update on how you get on :) sounds like you have a similar problem to me.

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