Surplus Toolbars in IE7

  SachaBoo 14:21 19 Oct 2008

I have Internet Explorer7 as my browser with two toolbars present which I don't use for searches and which take up a lot of room. These are McAfee Site Advisor and Zone Alarm Spy Blocker both with their own search boxes.

Is there any way that I can remove these toolbars permanently from the window whilst still retaining their security functions?

OE is Windows XP Home SP3.

Regards, Roy

  birdface 14:26 19 Oct 2008

McAfee.Right click empty space in toolbar and untick McAfee toolbar.

  birdface 14:31 19 Oct 2008

Maybe I have that wrong.McAfee has no search bar on mine Just the green Toolbar.

  birdface 14:50 19 Oct 2008

Ignore that last fix.Toolbar comes back when you reload I/E.Sorry.

  Technotiger 15:16 19 Oct 2008

Go to View>Toolbars and untick those that you do not want to show.

  BT 16:33 19 Oct 2008

McAfee puts its site advisor on a bar of its own, but it can be added to any empty space on another toolbar. I've got mine at the right hand end of the File - Edit etc. toolbar. Just right click on an empty space and untick 'Lock Toolbars' then grab the dotted line to the left of the McAfee Site Advisor button and drag it to where you want to put it, then right click again and tick 'Lock Toolbars' back on.

  SachaBoo 12:15 20 Oct 2008

Thanks to all for responses.

BT - Have done as you suggested and moved toolbars to new positions. Locking toolbars holds them there initially, but they revert to original position when IE is closed then opened again. Am I doing something wrong here or not doing something else which is necessary?

Regards, Roy

  birdface 12:32 20 Oct 2008

No.They do the same with me when you open IE again.So far have not found a way of removing them completely.

  ambra4 12:56 20 Oct 2008

Try Toolbarcop 3.4

click here

  Batch 14:23 20 Oct 2008

I've found that McAfee Site Advisor won't stay on the same line as Google Toolbar. Got round this by disabling Google ToolBar Helper (under IE's Manage Add-ons).

Like many bits of software, Google ToolBar Helper's purpose is unclear, but disabling it doesn't seem to have any detrimental affects.

  SachaBoo 14:32 20 Oct 2008

ambra4 - many thanks for the suggestion. I had read about this program somewhere else but had discounted it as the author felt that it was for advanced users only. I do not have a lot of computer experience, quite a novice really, and so I don't want to do anything which will cause me more problems than it's worth. These particular toolbars are only an irritation after all. Nevertheless I shall have a closer look at Toolbar Cop and then decide whether to risk it or not. I have also read elsewhere that WOT is a possible alternative to Site Advisor so I am wondering whether to try that one instead. Does anyone have any ideas on that score?
Many thanks again to all for your interest.

Regards, Roy.

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