rotormota 20:50 20 Aug 2004

I have all my vulnerable electrical kit plugged into surge protectors & this includes my pc.

Having just set up a 5.1 speaker system into the pc which requires its own power supply (through a surge protector) I notice it is still getting interference from dishwashers/washing machines etc..

Anyone else noticed this or got any solutions?


  Valvegrid 20:58 20 Aug 2004

Surge protectors won't suppress interferance, try some ferrite rings, simply wind about 15-20 turns around the lead that goes from the PSU to the speakers, try and keep the ferrite ring as close as possible to the supply lead input to the speaker, otherwise the spare lead will act as an antenna.

click here

  rotormota 21:12 20 Aug 2004

Cheers for that...interesting, never heard of them before..looks like the answer though.

  Valvegrid 21:17 20 Aug 2004

There are some split ferrite rings as well, if you are unable to unplug the device, if I can find a source I'll post it for you.

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