surge protectors

  pat2068 20:08 29 Aug 2003

can anyone tell me if the 7day shop sells surge protectors if not can you tell me which website sells them cheap thanks mary

  spuds 20:11 29 Aug 2003

Try Maplin's or Argos.

  Djohn 20:16 29 Aug 2003

Mary, B&Q's do a couple of decent ones too. j.

  Andsome 20:17 29 Aug 2003

Why not just pop round to the local electrical shop, or Curry's or Dixons or virtually any large multiple store?

  Djohn 20:18 29 Aug 2003

Oh! web-sites. Try Dabs. j.

  -pops- 06:56 30 Aug 2003

"can anyone tell me if the 7day shop sells surge protectors"

What an odd request. Is there a reason that you cannot look yourself?

  Andsome 08:27 30 Aug 2003

Couldn't agree more, or as I suggested any local electrical store.

  Nosmas 10:41 30 Aug 2003

Mary, I don't understand why you have made this post after the responses given to your previous thread click here Personally I would try ebuyer as recommended by Gazzer99. I have dealt with ebuyer on a number of occasions and have always found them OK and they do have very keen prices.

  -pops- 11:34 30 Aug 2003

I didn't relate this thread to the previous, similar one. Makes it even more odd.

How can such a simple thing such as a surge protector use up so much forum space? They're not exactly rare or difficult-to-get-hold-of items.

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