Surge Protector, or UPS, with Internet

  wee eddie 23:10 29 Apr 2018

For over a decade my PC, Printer etc, were protected by a UPS device until some red wine killed it.

They have since been protected by a top of the range Anti Surge Bar.

However, my Router, NAS Drive and Power Line Stuff are connected directly to the Mains.

My question: Should I put an Anti Surge Bar here. I tbink that a UPS would be overkill

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:58 30 Apr 2018

PC is protected by a surge barwhich switches off everything when PC is shut down, to get the extra length I need to reach the shelf where the external HDDs and speakers are I have daisy chained an extension off the surge bar (normally daisy chaining is not good policy in case you overload the extension so watch how much power is required.)

Power lines need to be direct off mains and normally routers are best left on at all times as they can take time to get to full speed.

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