Surge protection

  Robbie15 16:03 30 Dec 2007

I have just bought my son a laptop and am unsure if he needs to plug the power supply into a surge protector. Any help you can give will be great.

  €dstowe 16:14 30 Dec 2007

Power bricks are normally very tolerant of mains fluctuations and as the output to the computer is controlled by the internal circuitry of the brick, a surge protector is not essential.

You could use one for peace of mind and also if you have any other mains operated items that you use on the computer.

  wee eddie 16:16 30 Dec 2007

That is not to say that there is no risk and certain areas, of the country, are prone to problems.

Having said that if you have just spent £1000+ on equipment (I would include TVs in that figure). £25 on a Surge Protector is a sensible insurance policy.

A visit to PCW or Staples will help. You can even get them in Tesco's and Argos. Go for one that protects the telephone line as well.

  Robbie15 16:23 30 Dec 2007

wow, thanks for your fast response times. For the sake of a few quid I will get one tomorrow.

  alB 16:25 30 Dec 2007

have a look at this one from Maplins click here ...alB

  SB23 16:26 30 Dec 2007

I've had a Belkin for years, and when my original developed a fault, it was exchanged with absolutely no fuss whatsoever.

The original one was purchased from PCWorld, but have a look at their site

click here

Hope it helps,


  uesquebeathus 16:42 30 Dec 2007

This is one of the most misunderstood component in the Computer IT world, and to set the cat amongst the pigeons here goes!
I am sorry but the most useful thing I can say about the average cheaper £4 -£30 surge protectors are,
that almost all work once and only once,
some might work twice,
after that they are just glorified extension plug sockets,
as the protective component in simple terms has burnt out.
Have a look at Maplins UPS devices here:-
click here(Uninterruptible%20Power%20Supply)&FromMenu=y&worldid=-3&doy=30m12
or the APC devices here
click here
APC BK350EI Battery Back-UPS CS 350VA £53:86 inc vat or the APC SC420I Smart UPS SC 420VA 230V £84:96 The more expensive type can be reset and show that a surge has happened, they give audible and often LED warnings and have a battery time out which will allow you to switch of the computer etc before any damage or loss of data and you can reset and self test to make sure that it still works, more than one computer can be connected and really protected.

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