Surge protection

  Lary 22:21 02 Jan 2005

Living in the country and depending on overhead telephone lines which are prone to lightening strikes we have used a Surge protector to safeguard the PC. We have recently upgraded to Broadband so incoming data to the PC is via a USB after the telephone line and modem so unable to route the connection through the Surge protector. Would a strike on a telephone line effect the PC? For information we had a strike a couple of years back and damaged PC & scanner beyond economical repair. Many thanks Larry

  Giggle n' Bits 22:26 02 Jan 2005

You can get Surge Protectors now with USB protection.

  xquest 22:38 02 Jan 2005

But doesn't your broadband filter receive both the broadband modem cable and the dial-up modem cable and then plug into the BT socket on the surge protector.? Mine does, so surely there is no need for a USB surge-protected socket?

By the way, if I use dial-up with the broadband modem plugged in the speed drops to 24kbps (instead of around 49), and if I leave the dial-up modem plugged in then there is increased risk of one of those 'auto-dialling premium numbers' trojans becoming active.
So my dial-up modem is usually not connected.
All the best, xquest

  Lary 22:55 02 Jan 2005

Thanks for the information. I have only just moved to BB. And had major problems getting the BB modem to work pluging into an extention from the surge protector using my original connections just would not work. A short connection line supplied by the server now plugged directly to the main incoming BT and no problems. Seemingly using any additional connections (Extentions etc.) will I'm sure cause connection problems. Advice from the server is use the master BT connection not an extention Cheers Larry

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