Lemur 21:38 26 Dec 2004

I have, within the last year, installed a Belkin Surgemaster Gold Series, multiplug, and the green light was working. Since then I have experienced about three power cuts to my house, but failed to look at the green light because it is a bit hidden under the desk! The other day, I noticed that the green neon light was out. Assuming that the green neon has not failed, am I right in suspecting that one or more of the power cuts caused a surge and destroyed the protection widget? I am not aware of any damage to my computer but, does anyone know if I have any comeback from the power company please, for replacing the Belkin? Any thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks.

  Irishman 21:51 26 Dec 2004

It depends on how high the power surge ( if there was one ) was and how long it lasted. Power companies are allowed a certain amount of leeway in regards to this but if a surge was high enough to enable you to claim compensation then there would almost certainly be damage to other equipment that use power supplies in the house, microwaves, cordless phones etc. In any event the surge protector has done it's job.

  AndySD 21:54 26 Dec 2004

As far as I know you have no comeback with the power suply company. But at least you know your forethought in using surge protection has probably saved your PC. ( Probably not what you wished to hear though)

  Fellsider 21:58 26 Dec 2004

As far as I know Belkin products have a lifetime guarantee. If they have 'blown' due to a surge get in touch with them for a replacement.

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