Surge protection

  Bald Eagle 17:18 01 Nov 2003

I want to protect both my computer setup and satellite decoder using surge protectors.This is in Brittany on the end of a bit of "wet string". They are in opposite corners of the room. I have seen a six way protector, would it be OK to run an extension cable from the surge device to the decoder or would it be best practice to buy two, one for each ?system?? There are two power points in the room, one near to each system.

  christmascracker 17:31 01 Nov 2003

I would be inclined to buy one for each system, I dont like using extentions at the best of times.

I've got a similar set up to you and have one for each, the PC one has sockets for the telephone leads too

  Proxy Worm 17:37 01 Nov 2003

I wouldn't do it like that, i would buy a totally new protector for the other pc!

  DieSse 17:48 01 Nov 2003

Buy one for each. Buy decent quality ones - the more you pay, the better protection you get (most of the time).

No protection device works 100% against the worst surges - so at real times of danger (thunder and lightning in the vicinity) - there's no substitute for unplugging - NOT just switching off.

  Bald Eagle 19:03 01 Nov 2003

Thanks everyone, will buy 2 and unplug when not in use!

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