surge protection

  Optimo 21:50 12 Aug 2003

i have just found a belkin 6 way surge protection connector for under 24 quid it is on the 3COMPLETE website. Has anyone had any experiance of this company. It just seems too cheap to me.

  powerless 21:51 12 Aug 2003

Belkin are very well known.

  Optimo 21:53 12 Aug 2003

Not Belkin, its 3COMPLETE iv'e not heard of.

  krypt1c 22:04 12 Aug 2003

Belkin are 1 of the brand leaders in this kind of kit.

  Optimo 22:08 12 Aug 2003

but does anyone konw of 3COMPLETE, are they a reputable company?

Have you looked at ebuyer? they have some pretty unbeatable deals on surge protection. 6 way strips start at £5!!

Just look in the power protection section. you shouldnt have to pay more than £20

click here

  spuds 22:27 12 Aug 2003

Belkin are noted for being a good quality product. 3COMPLETE manufacturers quite a wide range of products, which may come under the 3Com brand,which is well known in certain circles. Further info click here

  spuds 22:31 12 Aug 2003

Should have mentioned that good surge protectors can be purchased for a lot less than £25.00. Why not look in an Argos catalogue.

  bluenote 22:35 12 Aug 2003

I have just bought an eight way surge protector for £19.99. in Maplins.half price .great bargain

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