Surfing problem.

  trenchn 18:00 08 Oct 2007

I am having probelms when searching the net. When I type something into a search engine, usually Google, I get the results as you would expect, but when I try to select one I get redirected to some random sites. I thought this was an Isass.exe problem, but I have installed CCleaner which fixed a load of problems and speeded up my aging PC, but did not sort that particular problem. I have also installed CWshredder which found no problems. Has anyone got any ideas?

  skidzy 18:17 08 Oct 2007

Where are you being re-directed to ?

This does sound like you have been hijacked.

For expert help,run HJT and post the scan log at MWR

Hijackthis click here

click here

Let the experts advise accordingly,please be patient.

  i n t e nZ e 18:20 08 Oct 2007

I've had that before, you having what's known as a browser hijacker.
Is the random site search 180 assistant or something like that?
you need spybot s+d
you can get it here: click here
hope it helps :-)

  VideoSentry 18:22 08 Oct 2007

Spy Bot and Ad Aware,are you using Firefox ,ie7 or another browser?

  trenchn 18:37 08 Oct 2007

Thanks to the respondants so far.
To "Skidzy" What is HJT and what is MWR? Sorry I know not of what I speak!.
To "Intenze" it varies, sometimes an insurance site, FT.Com, a bt site,etc.
To "VideoSentry" I am using Internet explorer. I tried Firefox, but it seemed really slow. I'm not sure which version of IE I have how do you tell?
Thanks again all of you Nick.

  i n t e nZ e 18:46 08 Oct 2007

you've definately been hijacked..
you could try this... open internet options and select programs tab, then manage addons...
look for stuff not published by microsoft, sun microsystems or macromedia, you know companies u dont recognise, highlight them one by one and turn them off. then see if this solves the problem. you will need to remove them with spybot click here but at least it'll disable them!

  skidzy 18:50 08 Oct 2007

HJT = Hijackthis
This program will scan your system and experts can analyse the scan log to determine if you are infected.
You need to be highly trained to examine the log and advise accordingly.....DO NOT TINKER WITH THE SCAN RESULTS,you may render your computer useless.
leave it to the experts.

MWR = Malwareremoval
Here they will have the experts to analyse the log and advise accordingly.

  skidzy 18:53 08 Oct 2007

Further more to the above;

Spybot is not guaranteed to rid you of the hijacker, if indeed you have been hijacked.
You may well find that the possible infection has created multiple registry entries that will reinfect and reproduce upon reboot.
Running Spybot and other programs may not actually help your cause.
There again they might.

  trenchn 19:07 08 Oct 2007

Currently running spybot. So far it has picked up two problems.No, now it's three. Myway Mybar, Spysherrif and as I type all hell is breaking loose, it's now up to nine problems. I'm going. cheers

  i n t e nZ e 19:10 08 Oct 2007

my way and my bar are likely contenders

  skidzy 19:12 08 Oct 2007

You are seriously infected;

Just to give you an idea of what ive been saying click here

I would say no program will remove your infections totally,you need expert help with specailist programs.

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