Surface USb and Wi-fi Issue

  ArseneLupine 10:25 03 Sep 2018

Hello Guys;

Any one know if can i use Mini display port as usb port via any converter or adapter? is it Possible?

The thing is my old Surface pro 1 usb port doesn't work at all and also wi-fi card doesn't appear on the device list. Apart of this problems every things work perfectly.

I've tired almost ever thing like (restart, Unuinstal USB Hubs and install back again, factory Reset Etc.)

but nothing works. So I've decided to buy Docking station but I've recognised that it's communicate via USB Port on the surface.The last options seems to me Mini Display Port But i've no any experience with this port. So, if there is a cable or adapter for Mini display port to USB 2.0 or 3.0 I may connect USb Wifi Dongle to my Surface and i can be online again. So ANY ONE has knowledge please HELP

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