Surface Pro 4 Dead display

  SkullsandRoses 17:05 30 Dec 2018

Hi everyone, I have a Surface Pro 4 and unfortunately, I have caught what it seems to be called "Display of Death", aka, a screen that wouldn't show any sign of life when powered up. Of course, I have looked on solutions on the internet on both Microsoft support and various Tech sites. So far I have: Turned the S on and off with the power button Used the combination on power and volume button to force shut it Used hot keys (ctrl+win+shift+b; win+ppp, etc) Left the battery drain Left the computer charging changed the charger cleaned the computer left it in a cooler room for a while and tried again all of the above As a last resource, I have tried to call repeatedly the customer support on both numbers but they won't pick up. What should I do?

  wee eddie 20:49 30 Dec 2018

How old is it?

  SkullsandRoses 00:12 31 Dec 2018

Sorry for the late reply. The surface is 2 years old, but the actual screen is one year old. I was sent a substitute after the first one had the famous flickering screen problem and was starting to detach from the base.

  wee eddie 01:01 31 Dec 2018

If you're in the UK, your point of Contact is with the Company that sold it to you. Not Microsoft. You should have some useful Rights.

Tell us in what Country you live and someone will be able to expand. Forget Microsoft, unless you bought it directly from them

  SkullsandRoses 01:05 31 Dec 2018

The original surface was bought in Japan (present), but as I received the new screen from microsoft, I assume I have to rely on them for this issue. Which, unfortunately, is not ideal as I understand. I live in the UK and relied on Microsoft UK for the new screen if this helps.

  wee eddie 09:17 31 Dec 2018

I have insufficient knowledge to navigate that legal minefield. maybe FE can shed a light on it

  SkullsandRoses 13:12 31 Dec 2018

Thank you for your help anyway. At this point the only option I was given by Microsoft is to reset my computer, meaning I will lose all my data. Doesn't make sense to me.

  wee eddie 14:36 31 Dec 2018

Don't do it. yet. There are ways to save your data first

  BRYNIT 15:02 31 Dec 2018

If the problem is with the screen and you have the correct adaptor you could try connect the Surface Pro 4 to a monitor/TV to use as a screen if the keyboard has problems you could also try a USB keyboard this hopefully will allow you to remove any documents etc before resetting the Surface Pro 4. If for some reason you are unable to recover the Surface Pro due to corrupt files you can down load and create a recovery USB from Microsoft CLICK HERE

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